The Life Tree

image credit:
Sarolta Ban

Staring out into the reaches of space, dark and prolific with sparkling worlds, the old man heard the dog’s whiskers twitch, as the sheet of leaves flowing from the Life Tree wove around them.

Sighing as an immature, blustering star bucketed through the cosmos towards a neighboring older giant, Mubassir patted his companion’s head.

“Come, Bassira… Irfan awaits our report from his treetop.”

This piece of flash fiction was written in response to:

44 thoughts on “The Life Tree”

          1. Yes, it’s been a while. Balance is a tricky thing, but then I decided to go with the flow and things started happening. You just gave me an idea for another poem! That’s the thing about blogger friends; they bring out the best and inspire deeply!

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