REBLOG: ‘Fears of Freedom Lost’ by Nigel Byng


With labored breaths she welcomes more
The tired, the poor, the wretched to our shores
But rusted chains now dangle from her torch
The masses on the border won’t be allowed to cross

Gun powder greetings,
It’s ours not yours, the illusion is fleeting.
Armed men on horseback deliver a chastening
The people cried our borders are too thin,
Fears of freedom lost; so, we’ve walled ourselves in

Things of which we never truly spoke,
Even now we won’t allow them into our books.
But the past speaks as though it were a ghost.
For the land was never there to be took. Now the offspring reproach,
what their parents fought for most.
we disown what was once our greatest boast.
The home of only the brave,
of huddled masses longing to be free,
Fears of freedom lost, we’ve shackled lady liberty.


Nigel Byng


Johnny McDaniels

21 thoughts on “REBLOG: ‘Fears of Freedom Lost’ by Nigel Byng”

  1. I was going to say exactly what Judy said. We are all of us immigrants (or their descendants) that are not of Native American blood. (K)

      1. Thank you sir. I have a lot of stuff that I hesitate to share. So I’m glad that what I do choose after careful deliberation, strikes a chord that resonates with you. Always appreciate your feedback and support David. 🙏

  2. ✍Things of which we never truly spoke,
    But the past speaks as though it were a ghost
    We’ve shackeld Lady Liberty✍
    And we in the year of our Lord

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