Purrrr, or: *ROAR*

A poem written in Saintvi’s new nonce poetic form: “Melindaโ€™s Whimsy”

I don't mess with my words,
Avoiding hate and slurs;
Reality gets blurred
Without versed wisdom (truth!).

Those scratches I've incurred
From other people's words
Have left me undeterred-
Rolled with 'em since my youth.

I write verses that purr-
Confer flesh, blood and fur
To every haunting word,
Each sporting claw and tooth.

‘Melindaโ€™s Whimsy’ nonce form

  • Three quatrains;
  • Meter: iambic trimeter;
  • Rhyme: Aaab aAab aaAb.

This poetic form was created by Saintvi

Murisopsis’ Scavenger Hunt for National Poetry Month

This poem was written for Muri’s poetry scavenger hunt.

This year, she has selected some nonce forms for us to experiment with.

Nonce forms are essentially poetic forms created by poets for one-time use…. When enough people use a nonce form it becomes recognized as a received form…


26 thoughts on “Purrrr, or: *ROAR*”

  1. Nice, David! Your Tail was good, too. I’m glad Muri chose the theme; otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have tackled any of your and Sangeetha’s nonce forms, only kept thinking about doing it!

  2. โœThose scratches I’ve incurred From other people’s words Have left me undeterred- Rolled with ’em since my youth.โœ

    Tough tough

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