Structure’s steady lines, or: Write themselves

A poem written in Murisopsis’ new nonce poetic form: “Inside Out Poem”

While writing, some sometimes feel themselves out of form
For they too oft hew to staid forms.
They're drawn by structure's steady lines,
Yet find themselves inclined to add new, unique slants.

Back and forth, back and forth they go,
Both yearning for and fearing their independence,
Much like children developing the confidence
To go off and explore their words.

Bright are those first swing set flights up into the self,
When they beyonder off from arcs
Of gravities and histories, 
Course, flow, fly, free to set their own paths; write themselves.

Inside Out nonce form

This is a syllabic poem consisting of a minimum of 3 quatrains (4 line stanzas) with the first stanza having a syllable count of 12/8/8/12, the next having 8/12/12/8, followed by 12/8/8/12, and so on. No rhyming is required and no maximum on the number of stanzas.

This nonce form was created by Murisopsis.

Murisopsis’ Scavenger Hunt for National Poetry Month

This poem was written for Muri’s poetry scavenger hunt.

This year, she has selected some nonce forms for us to experiment with.

Nonce forms are essentially poetic forms created by poets for one-time use…. When enough people use a nonce form it becomes recognized as a received form…


49 thoughts on “Structure’s steady lines, or: Write themselves”

  1. “those first swing set flights up into the self” – I love the image. I still like to swing even as an adult, if I can find a swing that’s high enough off the ground and wide enough to sit on!

  2. Inside Out, like a clock ticking immediately sets the mood and tone of the poetry
    ✍hew to staid forms.✍
    Brilliant swing of the axes, crafting the crux of the matters

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