Slavery, or: Freedom

A poem written in Murisopsis’ new nonce poetic form: “Running Repetition”

Our Jewish vacation:
Lying in bed, prostrate,
Wishing to hibernate,
To let go of life's weight;
Instead, we must prepare-
Pull out special dishware...
Passover's - so much work!

Yes, all the Jews were slaves-
Thus: days of 'freedom'? Eight...
Now... merely... to locate
Our fancy Seder plate-
Hadn't we stored it here?
Feeling stressed out, I swear:
Passover's - so much work!

‘Running Repetition’ nonce form

This poetic form consists of a minimum of two stanzas of seven lines each. The stanzas can be written as seven lines or broken into a quatrain followed by a tercet for emphasis. The rhyme scheme is: x/a/a/a/b/b/C where C is the same phrase repeated as a refrain in all following stanzas.

This nonce form was created by Murisopsis.

Murisopsis’ Scavenger Hunt for National Poetry Month

This poem was written for Muri’s poetry scavenger hunt.

This year, she has selected some nonce forms for us to experiment with.

Nonce forms are essentially poetic forms created by poets for one-time use…. When enough people use a nonce form it becomes recognized as a received form…


39 thoughts on “Slavery, or: Freedom”

  1. Ha! I ran out of steam to do all the work…but I still celebrate Pesach. Rebbe Nachman said don’t overwhelm ourselves with the details of the law…so I took his advice to heart. 😍

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