REBLOG: ‘Weathering the Storm of Life’ by Colleen Chesebro


Pale sun glow, winter solstice light fades.
The shortest day—darkness descends,
wraps me in a blanket womb of warmth next to you.

Frosty morning squinty-sunshine breaks over the treeline.
Hot coffee, dark brewed, reminds me of the scent of rich fertile fields.
Together, we drink to face another day.

The calm before the storm. I watch and wait. 
Gray clouds hemmed to the earth-sky. Where's the tempest?
No birds, no squirrels, no sound; only the silence.

Chop, chop, the rhythm of your knife on the cutting board.
Green peppers, purple onions, green zucchini—the scents of summer
simmer in a pot on the stove.

In the autumn of our days, we cleave to memories
of days spent laughing in the sun when the kids were young.
There, my memories of you bring me home to your arms.


Colleen Chesebro

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