REBLOG: ‘Wistfully’ by Roger Leach


Here I stand cold and tired,
Wistfully waiting for warmth,
Melancholy overtaking my thinking,
Anticipating being warm again.

Staring through icy windows,
In need of a warm summer holiday,
Winter blues biting deep,
Freezing this heart.

Wistfully waiting an end,
An end to cold,
Cold damp drudgery,
Just wistful thinking.

View from window,
As frozen as my heart,
Craving an end to winters,

A permanent fix required,
The frozen windows bars of ice,
Breaking this heart as it knows,
Of no summer holiday to come.

Knowing the melancholy,
Will follow me through,
To next winter’s biting,
Bitter cold wondering?

Wondering if I shall survive,
Another winter gazing,
Through a window of ice bars,
Without, without, without.


Roger Leach

28 thoughts on “REBLOG: ‘Wistfully’ by Roger Leach”

  1. Wonderful poetic dance with the word wistfully
    Breathtaking in its melancholy
    Wistfully waiting for something…

    Such an amazing poetic musical score
    The notes are strained and soothing

  2. ✍Knowing the melancholy, Will follow me through, To next winter’s biting, Bitter cold wondering?✍

    Oh wow, I wish I could find a poem of my own
    Just by gathering these few lines.

  3. This is lovely. And there is something that resonates within. During my 2nd winter in the UK, I spent it alone. It was the most depressing time of my life. This took me back to those feelings. 💙👌👏👏

      1. I think I write best when I’m low. That winter I started writing a lot. Of course it was too bloody cold to do anything else. 😜

          1. Its a fear of mine. That one day is have too much pain be able to write. I’m horrible at using dictation software. But it must be really cold in Israel to get to that point.. yikes.

          2. I remember the days of space heaters when it was too cold. Central heating couldn’t cope sometimes… 😂 There are people j. South Florida who purchase space heaters… There is no winter in south Florida. Always blows my mind.

          3. Jerusalem is in the hills, so it gets cold, and the buildings are made of lime stone, which absorbs the cold. And… older buildings don’t have central heating or good insulation because it’s not a “cold” country.

          4. Hmm… Interesting little detail for a story..will save this lol. No central heating in south Fl either. So I guess when it dips to 15 degrees people panic.
            I have to visit Jerusalem one day. I’ve written an entire biblical story, and never set foot in the place. That must be rectified…soon

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