REBLOG: ‘The Persistence of Hate’ by Pankaj Kumar


Antisemitism, a vile and ancient hate
That still persists in our modern age
The Jewish people, subjected to discrimination
Persecuted and oppressed throughout history
Their culture and traditions, a source of inspiration
Yet still, they face prejudice and intolerance.

The Holocaust, a tragic example of intolerance
Millions of lives lost, victims of hate
The Jewish people, a source of inspiration
Survivors of the horrors of a bygone age
Their stories a testament to history
Their bravery in the face of discrimination.

But still, the world is rife with discrimination
Antisemitism persists with alarming intolerance
Hateful rhetoric and violence, a stain on history
The Jewish people, still facing the same old hate
It's time to turn the page on this dark age
And find new sources of inspiration.

Let the beauty of Jewish culture be our inspiration
And let us unite against discrimination
Let us move beyond this age
And embrace a new era of tolerance
Let us fight against the scourge of hate
And create a better future for our history.

We must learn from the lessons of history
And let them be our guide and inspiration
We must stand together against hate
And stamp out the cancer of discrimination
We must open our hearts to tolerance
And usher in a new, more enlightened age.

Antisemitism has no place in our modern age
Let us remember the lessons of history, our inspiration
And strive for a world without discrimination or hate.


Pankaj Kumar


Written in response to ‘Rubber, or: Glue’

26 thoughts on “REBLOG: ‘The Persistence of Hate’ by Pankaj Kumar”

  1. Hello David! While delving into the topics of Antisemitism and Sestina poetry presented a significant challenge, their exploration proved transformative. Initial 5 attempts during the past 2 months yielded limited success; however, observing your poetic expertise provided the impetus to persist. With subsequent research, dedication, and renewed efforts, a comprehensive understanding emerged, eventually resulting in my successful completion of the first Sestina poem, albeit following several failed attempts. Appreciating your recognition of and praise for this milestone means deeply, serving as motivation for future creative pursuits. Thank you wholeheartedly for providing such invaluable inspiration and support.

    Misdeeds like antisemitism counter the principles upon which any civilized society should operate. Civilization implies collective respect toward one another. Any form of hatred that fosters discord, ethnic cleansing, genocide, or other violent actions must be strictly addressed within institutional frameworks or legal repercussions to protect minorities.

    Unethical rationalizations promoted via propaganda campaigns, twisted belief systems, or skewed historical accounts fuel a dangerous fallacy. A world committed to ending intolerance demands continuous vigilance, acknowledging history’s mistakes, and reflecting upon individual responsibilities rather than perpetuating disturbing legacies. While recognizing the past may be difficult or tragic, failure to confront societal ills continues the cycle of pain, leaving fewer opportunities for positive progress for future generations.

    By being proactive agents for change, communities thrive in safer, more compassionate environments absent severe forms of bigotry like antisemitism. Therefore, its repudiation rests chiefly upon our shared duties as engaged citizens to promote harmonious coexistence without marginalizing or demonizing groups solely due to ancestral origins.


  2. sadly it seems irrevocable – all throughout history the expulsions and destruction and massacres and scapegoating and it persists (and growing again) within our most ‘rational’ modern cultures of Europe and elsewhere – the source is hard to pin down but there are obvious pinpointers.
    If only love could solve it – – I married one such lovely Jewish man – and we understood and shared each other’s faith and beliefs. Perhaps kinship of some sort is all any of us can do to help dissolve this oldest of hatreds

        1. oh! I was confused! I thought it was the other way around! I thought you were Jewish and you married a non-Jew! Sorry – my misunderstanding 🙂

  3. An ancient hatred that retained its power in our modern era.
    I was just reading that the word “antisemitism” was popularised by the German journalist Wilhelm Marr. His polemic, Der Sieg des Judentums über das Germentum (The Victory of Jewry over Germandom), was published in 1879. Marr suggested that the Jewish threat to Germany was racial. He said that it was born of their immutable and destructive nature, their “tribal peculiarities” and “alien essence”.

    ✍We must learn from the lessons of history And let them be our guide and inspiration We must stand together against hate And stamp out the cancer of discrimination✍

    Absolutely, we must work on this alignment, daily.
    The anti-Zionism ideology excites and ignites considerable controversy

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