W3 Prompt #55: Wea’ve Written Weekly


Dear friends,

Welcome to our W3 Poetry Prompt, which goes live on Wednesdays at The Skeptic’s Kaddish.

You may click here for a fuller explanation of W3; but here’s the ‘tldr’ version:

Part I

The main ingredient of W3 is a weekly poem written by a Poet of the Week (PoW), which participants read before participating in the prompt.

Part II

The second ingredient is a writing guideline (or two) provided by the PoW. Guidelines may include, but are not limited to: word counts, poetic forms, inclusion of specific words, and use of particular poetic devices.

Part III

After five days, when the prompt closes, the PoW shall select one participant’s poem as the W3 prompt for the following week, and its author becomes the next PoW.

Simple enough, right?

Okie dokie ~ Let’s do this thing!

I. The prompt poem:

‘Love & Time’, four elfchen poems by Punam

you laid
at my feet
as promised. Called it

remains immeasurable
however many stars
you may pluck from
against clocks
I try hard
to be ahead of

waits not
wants not me
relentless its movement against

II. Punam’s prompt guidelines

  • Write an acrostic poem on any one of the following words:
    1. Discipline;
    2. Enthusiasm;
    3. Meditation;
    4. Tumult;
    5. Trouble.

III. Submit: Click on ‘Mr. Linky’ below

In order to participate and share a poem, open up this blog post, outside of the WordPress reader. At the bottom, just below these words, you will see a small rectangular graphic with the words ‘Mr Linky’. Click on that to submit.

Submissions are open for 5 days, until Monday, May 22, 10:00 AM (GMT+3)

Last week’s W3 poem

This week’s W3 prompt poem (above), composed by Punam, was written in response to last week’s W3 prompt poem, which Sadje wrote:

‘Narcissi- How I love them’, a poem by Sadje

Delicate beauty
Often underrated
I love it’s fragrance
Takes me back to my childhood
For every year near my birthday
I’d see bouquets of narcissi on the
Flower stands, in hand of vendors
Offering them to passersby cheap
Just one whiff of it’s intoxicating scent
And I’m ready to open my wallet
Narcissi, adorning my living room
For weeks till I’m ready to replace
The old bouquet with a fresh one

94 thoughts on “W3 Prompt #55: Wea’ve Written Weekly”

  1. I managed within the timeline this time around, David. here it goes-https://betweenthelinesjmnegi.com/2023/05/22/eternally-yours/

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