REBLOG: ‘The Ocean of Sadness’ by Nicole Smith


It laps the shore
Tickling your feet
In an uncomfortable way.
Sometimes it comes up to your knees,
The water is cold. Churning. 
The sand running between your toes
As the water ebbs and flows.
Sometimes you are bobbing in the waves,
Your head barely managing to stay above
The crashing waves
Occasionally you slip under
You come up sputtering
The water burning your lungs, your eyes
Treading water frantically until you get your footing
Other times you get sucked under, tossed about,
Kicking furiously until you figure out which way is up
If you are lucky, the ocean spits you onto the shore
You thank the stars you made it back, 
Because for a while, hope disappeared
Survival was not guaranteed
It became harder and harder to breath.
Others have gotten pulled
Further and further from shore
Currents and riptides dragging them away
The waves breaking repeatedly
Exhaustion setting in
Until they are never seen again.
The ocean of sadness 
A dangerous place
I try to keep my feet clear
From the waters edge
But it is lapping so enticingly.


Nicole Smith

22 thoughts on “REBLOG: ‘The Ocean of Sadness’ by Nicole Smith”

  1. ✍If you are lucky, the ocean spits you onto the shore You thank the stars you made it back, ✍

    Yes!!!! YES!!! YESSSS!!
    The floor just a carpet of tears!!

    Mesmerizing waterfall; an ocean of words for sadness and tears!!

  2. Hi David, I have gone right off swimming since the local ocean tried to drag me away. About 40 years ago I was swept right out and was rescued by a surfer.

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