REBLOG: ‘Of the Water’ by Cheryl Batavia


We exist, submerged
in the womb, that inner sea,
until our first breath.

In our veins flows blood
with the sea’s salinity…
seas…where life began.

Water in our cells,
water in our mother’s milk,
water in our tears.

We are of water…
bodies more than half water.
Water sustains us.

Water in rain clouds,
streams, rivers, lakes, seas, oceans,
aquifers, ice caps.

Beauty of water
soothes our spirits, inspires us…
Water refreshes.

Every living thing
needs clean, life-giving water
for body and soul!


Cheryl Batavia

17 thoughts on “REBLOG: ‘Of the Water’ by Cheryl Batavia”

  1. Every Tercet offered here in honour of water is so beautiful, fresh and clean, to gaze upon, to taste and too bathe in.
    🙏🏼Every living thing needs clean, life-giving water for body and soul!🙏🏼
    We do, what mankind has done to our rivers, oceans, lakes and drinking water supply is inexcusable.
    There is so much honour, peace and science in Cheryl’s poetry
    So much of heaven too.

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