ben Alexander

In Hebrew, ‘ben’ (בן) means ‘son’ or ‘son of’.

* * *

David Bogomolny was born in Jerusalem to parents who made Aliyah from the USSR in the mid-70’s. He grew up in America, and returned to Israel as an adult. He works for Hiddush – Freedom of Religion in Israel. He and his wife and daughter live in Jerusalem.

He began writing the ‘Skeptic’s Kaddish for the Atheist’ in Jerusalem, Israel, 30 days after burying his father in South Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. His series was originally published on the Times of Israel blogs.

Read his kaddish memoir.

9 thoughts on “ben Alexander”

  1. Hi there, glad to meet you. I just the your poem section. Loved the recent one about your father. I guess I understand the feeling of knowing other languages

  2. I am sorry to hear. But you are doing a great job by remembering through our poems. I have a very curious question why did you call your blog skeptic kaddish and you have a section of your blog called kaddish year.

    1. well, the “kaddish” is a traditional Jewish mourning ritual, and I wanted to commit myself to it… but I struggle with faith, and I struggle with much of the mythology behind the purpose of “kaddish”… Also, my father was an atheist, and he was not interested in ritual… so I felt that I had to research and write about “kaddish” for at least two major reasons: 1) to preserve my sanity by giving myself a voice in response to the tradition, and 2) to honor my intellectual father by researching and personalizing the experience of “kaddish” so that it would be more than simply a ritual – but rather something truly meaningful.

  3. Wow so much of meaning behind your blog. I learnt something today. Got to appreciate the thought though.You truly are creating a world of your own through our work.

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