ben Alexander

In Hebrew, ‘ben’ (בן) means ‘son’ or ‘son of’.

* * *

David Bogomolny was born in Jerusalem to parents who made Aliyah from the USSR in the mid-70’s. He grew up in America and returned to Israel as an adult. He works as a grant writer for the Jewish Agency for Israel. He and his wife and daughter live in Jerusalem.

He began writing the ‘Skeptic’s Kaddish for the Atheist’ in Jerusalem, Israel, 30 days after burying his father in South Brunswick, New Jersey, USA. His series was originally published on the Times of Israel blogs.

Read his kaddish memoir.

227 thoughts on “ben Alexander”

  1. David, hopefully you’ll get this before you retire for the night. I should have written earlier!
    If I want to say “everything is crazy” in Yiddish would that be “meshugge” or “meshuggenah” or another spelling. Thanks! You’ll see why tomorrow (hopefully).

    Nancy ❣️

    1. Nancy, I think it would be


      (but that doesn’t have to be the spelling – two g’s would be fine, I think, and you could probably add an ‘h’ at the end… I’m just offering a transliteration…)

      (sorry – I was offline for 25 hours for the first day of Passover!)

  2. Thanks for visiting my site yesterday and in the past. I have checked out your blog and feel I can learn much from your post. I will certainly read more and possibly participate in Poetry Partners. Thanks, again. Leo

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