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Cupped, or: Limitless

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons. -T. S. Eliot (1888 – 1965) A Choka how the star dissolves into the morning's first brew bobbing and fizzing at the glistening surface pushing hopelessly against edges unyielding which rim the opaque nectar of the universe weightless particles screened by hazy nebulae desperately quaffed in… Continue reading Cupped, or: Limitless

In this beautiful land, or: Through dreams

Poetry Partners #168 'My Inspiration, My Muse, My Love Of Life', a poem by Jaideep Khanduja of 'Pebble's Galaxy' My inspiration, my muse, my love of life, You light my soul with a warm, gentle light. With every thought, every word, every rhyme, You fill me with joy, making everything bright. Your smile, your laughter,… Continue reading In this beautiful land, or: Through dreams

Montezuma’s revenge, or: The Aztec two-step

A limerick Costive, Sue plucked some special blue 'shrooms; And though she cringed at the caustic fumes- She popped one in her mouth... But this swiftly went south, For, for hours, she's been in her bathroom! Photo credit:Greg Nunes (Unsplash) What do you see prompt? (#WDYS) This limerick is my response to Sadje's WDYS prompt… Continue reading Montezuma’s revenge, or: The Aztec two-step

Continue waiting, or: Continue writing

A sijo They say- prophesy is dead; They say- God deliberately hides; They say- continue waiting For the Messiah's coming; Should I continue writing- I may have a revelation. Sijo? A Korean verse form related to haiku and tanka and comprised of three lines of 14-16 syllables each, for a total of 44-46 syllables. Each line contains a pause… Continue reading Continue waiting, or: Continue writing

I don’t know, or: Try not to

Poetry Partners #167 'I don't know', a poem by Marvin Tordillos of 'A Poem A Day' I don't know I can't sleep I don't know I keep waking up I don't know why I am so distressed I don't know but I'm awake right now I don't know but my mind's a mess I don't… Continue reading I don’t know, or: Try not to

REBLOG: ‘Seize the day’ by Britta Benson

Poem: You, seize the day, if you please, and forgive my concerns regarding your eager search for purpose. I need a minimum of eight hours sleep! Am not available, at 4am. I admire your rigour. And then, I roll over. I have a dream waiting for me. So, yes, seize the day, if you please,… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Seize the day’ by Britta Benson

A sealed memory

Lillian nearly completed her circuit around the tiny shop when a shiny moka pot with a discount sticker caught her eye. Oddly, it reminded her of a similar, hazy construct from her dream the night before. At least… maybe it had been a dream? The image in her mind's eye felt mysteriously important, like the… Continue reading A sealed memory

Him who waits, or: Birthday bobbidi boo

An American sentence: Waiting for my child's birthday to give her this magic set ain't easy. What's an 'American Sentence'? Allen Ginsberg, inventor of the American Sentence, felt that the haiku didn’t work as well in English. Ginsberg decided to remove the line structure of the haiku, maintaining the requirement of 17 syllables total. He… Continue reading Him who waits, or: Birthday bobbidi boo