REBLOG: ‘Seize the day’ by Britta Benson

Poem: You, seize the day, if you please, and forgive my concerns regarding your eager search for purpose. I need a minimum of eight hours sleep! Am not available, at 4am. I admire your rigour. And then, I roll over. I have a dream waiting for me. So, yes, seize the day, if you please,… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Seize the day’ by Britta Benson

REBLOG: ‘Sparks’ by Paul Vincent Cannon

Poem: Rambunctious, fugitive thoughts rolled in seeking refuge and took roost in the emptiness of my mind, a mischief afoot, but what can be done? The door was open, nothing was going on, how could I refuse? I can feel them fluttering about, their eloquence so light in expressive songs of radiance, a dispersion of… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Sparks’ by Paul Vincent Cannon

REBLOG: ‘Immortality’ by Filipa Moreira Da Cruz

Poem: Death will never tear us apart You belong to that special category You are everywhere Your voice is in my mind Always Your wise advice are dancing in my brain Faultless Your sweet hug keeps me company All the time Memories will be my best friend No matter what Your body is weak and… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Immortality’ by Filipa Moreira Da Cruz

REBLOG: ‘Dyslexia’ by Molly Shea

Poem: Little girl lost in a crowded classroom Trying to make sense of words on a page Frustrated beyond patience, she starts to fume Nothing makes sense when she looks at the words She tosses her pencil in a childish rage The punishment and embarrassment make her quiet She doesn’t demand, and she doesn’t pretend… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Dyslexia’ by Molly Shea

REBLOG: ‘Butterflies in the Night’ by Jeff Flesch

Poem: I sit on the front porch considering the moon, and the train coming down the tracks I can feel it, the anxiety the streets, and this sensation not missing a beat Kinda like when you see a star in the sky you relate to it it’s a mirror image of you, and you know… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Butterflies in the Night’ by Jeff Flesch

REBLOG: ‘One Cup’ by Karima Hoisan

Poem: For My Family in Jordan Harsh lands bring soft embraces, Here we all drink from one cup. Before we put our share to our mouths, We make sure there is enough. Oven winds bake a glaze on my face, While dry eyes squint to the sky. Two leathered hands sift Martian sands, I can’t… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘One Cup’ by Karima Hoisan

REBLOG: ‘Ruach and the Flute’ by Tanmay Philip

Poem: I was sinking In insecure delusions Illusions Hallucinations Looking for meaning In their voices Of ridicule And hate But now I’m picking my scabs Looking for auguries On my raw skin I was never good At appraising value A good target For the con man Selling decaying wood And bad neighbourhoods Near markets Selling… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Ruach and the Flute’ by Tanmay Philip

REBLOG: ‘Rooted in Love’ by Cindy Georgakas

Poem: Rooted in love, Grounded in substance, of the matrix of our heart that maps us from country to country, continent to continent, home to home, cell to cell. When we sift through the hatred, greed, immaterial and political divide that should be banned, colors collide. Won’t you stand with me and ban all racism,… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Rooted in Love’ by Cindy Georgakas