REBLOG: ‘The Dandelion’ by Lesley Scoble

Poem: Don’t mow the dandelion, don’t kill it, please, let it grow, let it grow, for the birds and the bees Save it for insects, (They need them, you know) They rely on The dandelion Do not pull-up the dandelion. don’t think it’s a weed! it is a flower bees rely on It is a… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘The Dandelion’ by Lesley Scoble

REBLOG: ‘Quiet Places’ by Mother Wintermoon

Poem: Those of us who live in quiet places, Eavesdrop on leaves The humming of bees The rustling tree branches Outside our window panes Those of us who lost our way to Elysium Get lost in the clickety-clack of the keyboard Under a restless moon In a room strewn With words Falling Failing Whispering Scrambling… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Quiet Places’ by Mother Wintermoon

REBLOG: ‘Of the Water’ by Cheryl Batavia

Poem: We exist, submerged in the womb, that inner sea, until our first breath. In our veins flows blood with the sea’s salinity… seas…where life began. Water in our cells, water in our mother’s milk, water in our tears. We are of water… bodies more than half water. Water sustains us. Water in rain clouds,… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Of the Water’ by Cheryl Batavia

REBLOG: ‘The Ocean of Sadness’ by Nicole Smith

Poem: It laps the shore Tickling your feet In an uncomfortable way. Sometimes it comes up to your knees, The water is cold. Churning. The sand running between your toes As the water ebbs and flows. Sometimes you are bobbing in the waves, Your head barely managing to stay above The crashing waves Occasionally you… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘The Ocean of Sadness’ by Nicole Smith

REBLOG: ‘The Persistence of Hate’ by Pankaj Kumar

Poem: Antisemitism, a vile and ancient hate That still persists in our modern age The Jewish people, subjected to discrimination Persecuted and oppressed throughout history Their culture and traditions, a source of inspiration Yet still, they face prejudice and intolerance. The Holocaust, a tragic example of intolerance Millions of lives lost, victims of hate The… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘The Persistence of Hate’ by Pankaj Kumar

REBLOG: ‘Wistfully’ by Roger Leach

Poem: Here I stand cold and tired, Wistfully waiting for warmth, Melancholy overtaking my thinking, Anticipating being warm again. Staring through icy windows, In need of a warm summer holiday, Winter blues biting deep, Freezing this heart. Wistfully waiting an end, An end to cold, Cold damp drudgery, Just wistful thinking. View from window, As… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Wistfully’ by Roger Leach

REBLOG: ‘Lost Luxury’ by Deepthy

Poem: Centuries older were you Who reduced everyone to an ignorant child. As the sun rose everyday, At my doorstep you arrived With fresh tidings of Novel ideas and events, Of deaths and horrifying stories. Man’s truest chronicler were you Who told stories the way they were Without clouds or endless alleys. In you, did… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Lost Luxury’ by Deepthy

REBLOG: ‘Weathering the Storm of Life’ by Colleen Chesebro

Poem: Pale sun glow, winter solstice light fades. The shortest day—darkness descends, wraps me in a blanket womb of warmth next to you. Frosty morning squinty-sunshine breaks over the treeline. Hot coffee, dark brewed, reminds me of the scent of rich fertile fields. Together, we drink to face another day. The calm before the storm.… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Weathering the Storm of Life’ by Colleen Chesebro