Split decisions

d’Verse prosery “I never thought I’d see you again, Meir. Bissel1 of a schlep2 from LA.” “Tateh’s3 dying, Elisha.” “So?” “He asked me to come, Bruder4. He wants to see you.” “Takeh5? Just like that? Gut6, I’ll get Charlotte and the kinder7 – I’m sure he wants to…” “No, Elisha. Just you.” “They’re his grandchildren,… Continue reading Split decisions

Möbius trap

d’Verse prosery … or end… noting the door at the far side of the… do she wondered? Those damned traps are… gingerly, she padded towards the glowing… this a clue? Cringing, she raised her hand towards the metal and traced… so crucial to finding the way is this… there is… … no beginning or end…… Continue reading Möbius trap

Unearthly, distant heart

d'Verse prosery Where are we? Where are our limbs? Our muscles? Our intestines? Our genitals? Our brains? Nothing remains but gore. What has become of us? Our mutilated torsos are not here, nor are our faces. Only mouths are... We? Who sings? The distant heart, which safely exists in the centre of all things. It… Continue reading Unearthly, distant heart

Worse than the disease

A d’Verse prosery prompt If you are a dreamer, come in, come in. That’s right, Dear, just hang your rainbow up over there on the moose and make yourself at home. I’ll be out in a jiffy; I’ve just put the aquarium on – would you fancy some beer or artichoke juice? Do you take… Continue reading Worse than the disease

Quiet place

A d’Verse prosery prompt Down the block from my city apartment, the mack was pimping underage girls. The street was getting to me; all the animals; whores, hustlers, thugs, junkies, sick, venal. War had been less filthy than this hell, but I tried to keep my food down. I had been losing weight. Only Iris… Continue reading Quiet place


A d’Verse prosery prompt “Yours is lighter than the breeze,” she rasped, “You couldn’t possibly understand, you blighter.” “My what?” the lad asked fearfully, but the crone continued speaking, her eyes and mouth twitching, as the child fought against his rusty shackles. “I’d just as well never have anything to do with you brats! Most… Continue reading Unearthly

Death on either side

A personal prosery prompt The narrow bridge swayed in the rain over the chasm, just as the old Mystic had described, but Hayim was determined. He visualized the elder’s wizened face. Death on either side, the Rabbi said. The way of life between was his only hope, but that would have to be enough. This… Continue reading Death on either side