In Your hands, or: Out of mine

Poetry Partners #57 'In Your Hands', a poem by Naa Lamiorkor Boye of 'GemsFromASapphire' They say sticks and stones break bones But it felt like every single one of the 206 bones in my body shattered when you abandoned me. I wasn't just hurt. I experienced the kind of pain that grips your heart like… Continue reading In Your hands, or: Out of mine

The prince, or: The pauper

Poetry Partners #14 A poem by varityteller of 'Truth and Recovery' I'd give much too much to get the fairytale back, But I know it would still turn into nightmares of black. I'd lie to myself one more time; Drink deeply of the honeyed wine, Ensnare myself again and cut you some slack. I want… Continue reading The prince, or: The pauper

Barefoot, or: Naked Truth

My 2nd Cleave poem she loves his gruff voice, his calling card that he leaves his hot temper by his shoes neatly by the door, now ajar, open to a world well known to her that could offer support whenever his arm rises up into the air should she need to make his tyranny known… Continue reading Barefoot, or: Naked Truth

Spit, or: Swallow

A limerick Trigger warning: Domestic abuse Learning just how to scream Hades' name was Persephone's debasing shame. While tending to his needs, she swallowed only six seeds, cuz she always pulled back when he came. d'Verse poetics: Persephone At d'Verse, we were prompted to take inspiration from the Greek myth of Persephone and write a… Continue reading Spit, or: Swallow

Frantic whispers screaming stop, or: …

A 'Magnetic Poem' tanka Wanna try? Click here. why elaborate? frantic whispers screaming stop we like want need our picture of a peachy life as he beats her bloody raw Notes This poem was inspired by The Paltry Sum's blog post: 'Marriage is Murder';For this poem, I decided to make use of the 'Original Set'… Continue reading Frantic whispers screaming stop, or: …