Baptism, or: Peace Pipe

Poetry Partners #115 'Sacred Wisdom' (gloss form- Black Elk), a poem by Joy A. Burki-Watson of 'Way down upon joy' And while I stood thereI saw more than I can tell,and I understood more than I saw;for I was seeing in a sacred manner -Black Elk (1863 โ€“ 1950) And while I stood therethe sun… Continue reading Baptism, or: Peace Pipe

Closeted, or: Transparent

Poetry Partners #85 'Green', a poem by Mapule Somo of 'Let it reign' In the mourning after Everything in her closet Was pastured Growth adorned her frame I asked her once, 'How do you wear hope with such ease?' She smiled and said, You don't wear what you are 'So, what are you?' She asked… Continue reading Closeted, or: Transparent

Sunshine, or: Carpe Diem

Poetry Partners #52 'Flakes of Destruction', a poem by Jan Beekman of 'janbeek' Sitting in the sunshine Shedding drop by drip The lonely little snow mound Was just a tiny clip Of the Christmas blizzard Shirtless joggers ran by Oblivious to the remnant Of a storm from angry sky Jan Beekman: An acrostic poem… Continue reading Sunshine, or: Carpe Diem

Disappearance, or: Endurance

Poetry Partners #38 'My Disappearance' by Susi Bocks of 'I Write Her' itโ€™s my nature to withdraw when unbalanced for no reason at all i retreat to a safe space like bear cubs denning iโ€™m not languishing iโ€™m dormant with melancholy seeking shelter protects my soul giving respite and comfort surrounded by nothing but time… Continue reading Disappearance, or: Endurance

Stove top, or: Sink

Poetry Partners #26 'my kitchen is a graveyard' by Jo of 'people in poetry' this poem has no metaphors. everyday, in the garden of my stove top, scalding and burned, i resurrect the last few memories i still have of places i have lived. and in the absence of the life carried in the hum… Continue reading Stove top, or: Sink

Lisolia, or: Anaphasia

A double acrostic poem Reflections in Arabic tea:Much has Jerusalem seen Land endowed in ancient times with a divine auraIsrael lay between three continents on clover mapSovereignty won and lost; so too ~ prevailing mythOver centuries, she heard many a heartrending pleaLove for Homeland of yore etched into Jews' heartsIndeed, lifetimes of yearning for each… Continue reading Lisolia, or: Anaphasia

Make head, or: Tail of this

My 2nd double acrostic poem Poetic forms are all over the map ~ Ukiah, sonnet, limerick, haiku, Zanze, atom, sestina, ghazal, blitz... Zaniness, romance, suspense, darkness, schmaltz... Let yourself go; experience the pull; Every one can connect to something else. d'Verse poetics: For the love of puzzles... For today's d'Verse prompt, poets were challenged to… Continue reading Make head, or: Tail of this

10th anniversary, or: Chaya Margarita

The poem below was my gift to my wife on the occasion of our 10th anniversary on the Hebrew calendar, which is tonight (the 1st of Elul). It's actually two separate poems, as you shall see, because I wrote it as an acrostic of my wife's name, which is Chaya Margarita. Chaya is a Hebrew… Continue reading 10th anniversary, or: Chaya Margarita