Nationalism, or: Rationalism

My 2nd Lรผshi Ahad Ha'am[1] founded 'Cultural Zionism',[2] Pushed for Jewish homeland - national. Considered Israel a "spiritual center" For all Jews, dispersed, international. Wrote, "Shabbat keeps the Jews"[3] - Towards religion, respectful but rational. Oh, this speaks to me: Love for our people - Passional. Footnotes Asher Zvi Hirsch Ginsberg (1856 โ€“ 1927), primarily known… Continue reading Nationalism, or: Rationalism

The skepticโ€™s kaddish for the atheist, 1

My father died unexpectedly, suddenly, and quickly on July 7, 2018. He was buried two days later on July 9. It remains shocking and surreal for me that he is gone. I plan to share some very personal reflections about the experience of saying kaddish for my father in this and subsequent blog posts โ€“… Continue reading The skepticโ€™s kaddish for the atheist, 1