Flowing, or: Prolific

A ghazal Sipping Bernheim Original wheat whiskey -Or- quaffing Lagavulin peat'd whiskey Jerusalem nights get colder than cold; Writing requires serious heat - whiskey! When struggling to maintain rhythm and rhyme; -Or- can't seem to keep up the beat - whiskey! Still, never enjoyed generic liquor; Can't afford it... but prefer elite whiskey. Happily, two… Continue reading Flowing, or: Prolific

Kentucky, or: Jerusalem

Blank verse in iambic heptameter 80 doesn't even burn, but I'm drinking 94, feeling its sting against my throat before the smooth warmth spreads; soothing, relaxing; though nothing like the pounding, scalding water on my shoulders, back and buttocks just earlier. Sitting in my yeti hide fleece pajamas afterwards, I thought to describe the sensation… Continue reading Kentucky, or: Jerusalem

or: Tired

A cheap whiskey for mixing Rinses the mind out after Rubbing all ten digits raw Ev'ry finger tip pulsing Against an inclined keyboard Keys shadow'd by a darkness But new channels have been hew'd Flowing liquid won't settle Above the eyes as it should Won't submerge all kindly in The night's consuming shadows Rounded keys… Continue reading or: Tired

The skeptic’s kaddish for the atheist, 37

Traditional Jewish prayer is fast-paced, and there's too much of it. Not only do I fail to derive meaning from reeling off prayer after prayer after prayer as quickly as possible in an effort to keep up, but doing so in fact detracts from my ability to find meaning in those prayers I do recite.… Continue reading The skeptic’s kaddish for the atheist, 37