An island, or: No man’s

A HexSonnetta Folks think her good-natured; She often overhears It said she's "such a dear." Really though, she's wagered That none know her major Concern is her career. Truth is- people bug her; Still, she always smiles and- Has a polished style and- Steady, grips life's rudder- Never someone's sucker; The goal? A small island.… Continue reading An island, or: No man’s

Prompt, yes. Publishing, no[t yet].

My most recent reassessment Ever since applying for and being offered a new job, which I will be starting in two days (on Sunday, May 8), I've been thinking about how to manage my blogging & poetry writing time. Not so long ago, I publicly promised myself that I would submit a poem for publication… Continue reading Prompt, yes. Publishing, no[t yet].