American life, or: My ghost in the burbs

A shadorma I'm rattled by this serial; how do I cancel the subscription? This rumble strip scene's always on loop. I pivot the car, but Iโ€™m not lost; Iโ€™m not trying to get my bearings; that was not my ghost in the burbs. I should know. I was never there, never where my eyes see;… Continue reading American life, or: My ghost in the burbs

Cotton onto, or: Caught

A piece of tanka prose Generally, I'm not one for horror movies but do relish clever plot twists; and that's precisely what drew me to Director Jordan Peele's debut movie 'Get Out'. Its plot is more multifaceted than many other horror movies, for it offers social commentary on and a taste of the lived experience… Continue reading Cotton onto, or: Caught

Gays, or: Nazis

Serious looks around the circle Stern countenances Zoom in on one particularly humorless brow No alternative- No alternative to victory! Victory! They repeat They repeat Themselves a lot These days are almost flying by With victory after victory after victory But not their victory! They were promised victory! No alternative to victory! The gay Nazis… Continue reading Gays, or: Nazis

Enraged, Presage, or: Bare

This year, I am attempting to become active on Twitter after having created an account last year to post 365 micropoems. Among other things, this means I will be responding to Twitter poetry prompts. Initially, I wasn't planning on x-posting those here, but then I realized: if I don't save my Twitter poems elsewhere, I'll… Continue reading Enraged, Presage, or: Bare

Israeli, and/or: American

Two American sentences: Born and bred in Israel, my daughter's Hebrew sounds American. She speaks English fluently; but she's never been to America. What's an 'American Sentence'? Allen Ginsberg, inventor of the American Sentence, felt that the haiku didnโ€™t work as well in English. Ginsberg decided to remove the line structure of the haiku, maintaining… Continue reading Israeli, and/or: American

I am Jerusalem, or: Nothing

โ€˜Beyond Meaning or The Resolution of Oppositesโ€™ - a d'Verse poetics prompt Epigraph: For the listener, who listens in the snow,And, nothing himself, beholdsNothing that is not there and the nothing that is.-Wallace Stevens, 'The Snow Man' Harkened through the snows of New Jersey, Heeded through the storms of Cleveland, Purest nothing, on nothing, absorbed… Continue reading I am Jerusalem, or: Nothing

America, or: Jerusalem

'Endings / beginnings', a d'Verse prompt More than anything else, I simply wanted her to be okay after Papa died Though it seems rather unpoetic and prosaic to me looking back at it Of course that is what I would have wanted for Mama; and for all of us Losing one parent so tragically would… Continue reading America, or: Jerusalem