Beaver, or: Clam

A limerick Babs Beaver was happy as a clam; Her new style was bedazzled and glam. Beau gave a happy nod But found the fad rather odd, Staring long at her trim, sequined dam. d'Verse poetics prompt: Animal architecture At d'Verse, poets are prompted to write poems about animals that construct their own homes. Twiglets… Continue reading Beaver, or: Clam

And now a message from, or: Sponsors

Ghostly Joe was a famed forest guide Who'd perished in a ghastly landslide; Clients weren't quite clear On why a wraith would wear gear, Unaware he had sponsors worldwide. 'What Do You See' prompt For today's #WDYS prompt, Sadje offers us this image by Jake Fagan (Unsplash) of a person wearing a bright yellow hoodie… Continue reading And now a message from, or: Sponsors

Goodfellas, or: My Cousin Vinny

EPIGRAPH: The main obligation is to amuse yourself. -S. J. Perelman (1904 โ€“ 1979) I. A Limerick With limericks, I myself amuse, Subjecting readers to great abuse; Some opine- "David... your Poetry's SUCH a bore; It's quite clear! You're rhyming for views!" II. A Reverso Often, I write to amuse myself, else I'd quickly get… Continue reading Goodfellas, or: My Cousin Vinny

Beauty, or: The Beast

A Limerick Squabble broke out between Beast and Beauty; Much insulted, he thought her quite snooty, As at a sumptuous feast, She'd claimed he(!) was the beast, But 'twas not he with that small, bony booty! W3 poetry prompt This poem was written for Aishwarya's W3 poetry prompt, which is to write a beauty-themed poem… Continue reading Beauty, or: The Beast

Bibliophile, or: Dipsomaniac

A limerick Though Grampa Joe was quite ruddy and jolly, His maid Molly touched his books at her folly. When she dared peek within, She discovered his sin; And when out fell his gin, she yelped, "Golly!" Image credit: Svetlana Gumerova (Unsplash) What do you see #180 For this week's WDYS prompt, Sadje offers us… Continue reading Bibliophile, or: Dipsomaniac

Egads! or: King of the Mountain

A limerick Zeus refused to share his peppers (that welch!) But no gods argued (for fear they'd get squelched). ... Down below, all the mortals Shut and bolted their portals, For the skies turned red when great Zeus belched. What do you see (#WDYS) prompt #178 This week, Sadje offers us this image by Johannes… Continue reading Egads! or: King of the Mountain

To fetch a pail of water, or: Tumbling after

A limerick For the umpteenth time, Jack sent contrite verse, But to excuses Jill had grown much averse; He'd changed since hitting his crown, Swinging his pail around town... She'd come to yearn for a man loyal and terse! Image credit:Leighann Blackwood (Unsplash) What do you see #177 For WDYS #177, Sadje invites us to… Continue reading To fetch a pail of water, or: Tumbling after