Garden art, or: Lost in high weeds

Poetry Partners #159 'Metal Pets', a photograph (above) and ekphrastic series of kimo poems by Marsha Ingrao of 'Always Write' Eyes pleading to adopt soldered bodies No rhyme to their color scheme No purpose or service Standing close, begging - take all three of us a bird, cat, and centipede Natural enemies Stand together in… Continue reading Garden art, or: Lost in high weeds

Boots, or: Hoots

A Limerick Pa couldn't find his hiking boots But hearing the kids' snorts and hoots, He searched with lips pursed, Expecting the worst, And found them full of soil and roots. ‘What do you see’ Prompt #167 For Sadje’s weekly #WDYS prompt, she offers this photo of an old pair of boots sitting on a… Continue reading Boots, or: Hoots

Lay it, or: Thick

Poetry Partners #150 'Hotel “Four Star”', a poem by Artem Miachin Beeing inside the hotel of four stars Much higher than the level of urban buzz, She lies with her arms to the sides. Her eyes are open and filled with a terrible emptiness. There are red and green lights behind the door. Behind the… Continue reading Lay it, or: Thick

The quack, or: His practice

This pseudo- medical professional Drew conclusion odd, nonsensical; His eccentricity made me skeptical, For he employed jargon none too technical. Wildly, he declared: Nothin' hypothetical! Your testicles hang grossly asymmetrical! Wha- You think it imperceptible? No, trust me- My specialization's geometrical! With my doc's tools metrical- they'll come out identical! Moonwashed Weekly Prompt Nonsensical

Trendsetter, or: Reject

A limerick Don't read this poem- You have been warned! Its reputation's been well earned... Though the rest gave it the boot, It thinks its rhymes very cute; And, oblivious, it remains unconcerned. ‘What do you see’ Prompt #162 This limerick was written For Sadje’s weekly #WDYS prompt. Sadje offers us this photo (to the… Continue reading Trendsetter, or: Reject

REBLOG: Paula Light & Suzette Benjamin

'New Poetry Form' by Paula Light Today I would like to introduce A new poetry form for your moose: Not a sonnet haiku villanelle— I think you will enjoy it quite well. The lines should number twenty-four; Word count is ninety-seven, no more! Syllables are whatever you wish, Except line eleven, which has only six.… Continue reading REBLOG: Paula Light & Suzette Benjamin