Nat’l Bad Poetry Day, or: Bashō’s Ballad of Smelly Whey

A limerick In honor of National Bad Poetry Day (August 18th) Bashō tried his hand at one Western ballad, Though the sheer effort left him quite pallid. Writing out complex plot Left him tied up in knots, Stomach churning at his chunky word salad. A thank you A great thank you goes out to Britta,… Continue reading Nat’l Bad Poetry Day, or: Bashō’s Ballad of Smelly Whey

Jumping the shark, or: “It’s not a tumor!”

A limerick Across all the dark seas spread a rumor- Of fierce shark with remarkable tumor; Sailors knew to raise the alarm At first sight of the swift-gliding arm, While the priests aboard laughed at God's humor. ‘What do you see’ Prompt #147 For Sadje’s weekly #WDYS prompt, she offered the photo below as inspiration… Continue reading Jumping the shark, or: “It’s not a tumor!”

Out to lunch, or: Chewing the fat

A limerick Chewing the fat on our date left me with a hunch: I bit my tongue but reasoned: 'This gal's out to lunch.' Convinced there must be some mistake, She ate... then couldn't find her cake! I swallowed, for I'd bitten off more than a man could munch. d'Verse poetics prompt: At the restaurant...… Continue reading Out to lunch, or: Chewing the fat

Savory, or: Sweet

A limerick Miz Jelena’s Sweet Potato Pie Draws me so, but I cannot say why. I wonder 'bout the tangy smell... But the woman refuses to tell! "Just, eat some more," she replies with a sigh. d'Verse poetics prompt: Make mine a double-dipper! At d'Verse, poets were encouraged to select at least one of the… Continue reading Savory, or: Sweet

Hooray! or: Oy Vey!

An 'Eleventh Power' poem Hooray! I love to rhyme! So, I s'pose I will! 'Course, counting syllables is also great fun! No amount of wordplay could give me my fill; Poetic forms enchant; p'raps I'll try this one! It makes me feel good to hone my writing skills; And once I have finished, it feels… Continue reading Hooray! or: Oy Vey!

Eyes shining with laughter

Cassie wasn't worried; the pup always found his way home, as if he'd been equipped with broadband. Rex would return, eyes shining with laughter, carrying some stranger's property in his mouth. This piece of flash fiction was written in response to: The Sunday Muse #218;Fandango’s One-Word Challenge: 'broadband';Ragtag Daily Prompt Saturday: 'shine';Sammi Cox’s Weekend Writing… Continue reading Eyes shining with laughter

Sunny, or: Moon-Moon

Two limericks Sun to Moon Oh, adorable Moon-Moon, my Sweet, come, let Sunny give you a treat. Those boys don't appreciate you! You're special! If only they knew! Use my beams! You'll knock 'em off their feet! Moon's response Buuuut, Suuuunnny! I do NOT want your help! I can handle those bullies myself! Whenever I… Continue reading Sunny, or: Moon-Moon

Guess who! or: Little hands

A limerick She, giggling, covered Granny's eyes. "Guess who! Guess who! Surprise, surprise!" Granny gave a teensy jump; "Hmmm... Little hands... President Trump?" How both whooped with mirth undisguised! ‘What do you see’ Prompt #141 For Sadje’s weekly #WDYS prompt, she offered the photo below as inspiration for writers to produce art. Image credit:Andrea Piacquad @… Continue reading Guess who! or: Little hands