Creation, or: Extinction

Poetry Partners #173 'Mother Earth', a poem by Ami (Gypsie) Offenbacher-Ferris of ‘Gypsie’s Writings, Musings, Quotes & Poetry’ I am Mother Earth birthplace of all living and non-living things upon me Be it animal, plant, water, dirt or sky it is I who hold the key to their creation or extinction Those that are gentle… Continue reading Creation, or: Extinction

Card shark, or: Writer

See the typing of the writer, I think he's angry at the lighter. Once, her flame burned ever brighter, But now she will not spark. 'Twas during that game of poker, Feeling his card plays mediocre, That he threw and, sadly, broke her (And missed intended mark). He remembers her rebounding And raucous mocking jeers… Continue reading Card shark, or: Writer

Misguided, or: Missiles

A limerick No to Russia's indefensible war! No to those thieving, barbarous corps! No, Mister Putin, No matter Kremlin spin, We know full well that Ukraine isn't yours! d'Verse poetics: No! Vember At d'Verse, writers were encouraged to either: Take a line from the poem 'November' by Thomas Hood and use it as springboard for… Continue reading Misguided, or: Missiles

Rascal, or: Dusht (दुष्ट)

An Ovi The imp caused a hullabaloo Pouring out her sister's shampoo Into their mom's fruit chutney stew- How both wanted to punch her! They chased her from the bungalow Like juggernauts with dad in tow Through the veranda (what a show!), Their metal bangles jangling. d'Verse poetics: The Indian connection At d'Verse, we were… Continue reading Rascal, or: Dusht (दुष्ट)

A domestic abuse story

Preoccupied with domestic abuse After my wife's and my recent attempts to help our domestically abused friend, my mind has been awash with thoughts about domestic violence. In that context, I'd like to share another story about a second friend of ours... somebody that we're especially close to. Her story, in a certain sense, is… Continue reading A domestic abuse story

CAPS LOCK, or: Roar

My 2nd elfchen Roar Expresses forcefully Often squelched internally CAPITAL LETTERS NO SUBSTITUTE Pain Elfchen Row Words Content 1 1 A thought, an object, a color, a smell or the like 2 2 What does the word from the first row do? 3 3 Where or how is the word of row 1? 4 4… Continue reading CAPS LOCK, or: Roar

The incitement of Netanyahu & co.

Understanding today's Israeli political scene To understand the Israeli political scene, you must understand how traumatized this country's citizenry has been by decades of wars and terror attacks. When people in Israel say "left-wing" or "right-wing", they are referring to the Arab-Israeli conflict, as the above video explains. The failed Oslo Accords, which ultimately… Continue reading The incitement of Netanyahu & co.