REBLOG: ‘The Dandelion’ by Lesley Scoble

Poem: Don’t mow the dandelion, don’t kill it, please, let it grow, let it grow, for the birds and the bees Save it for insects, (They need them, you know) They rely on The dandelion Do not pull-up the dandelion. don’t think it’s a weed! it is a flower bees rely on It is a… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘The Dandelion’ by Lesley Scoble

Shoots, or: Leaves

A shadorma I tell my self it's not black and white but know that breathing space is nonnegotiable for my creative Processes; resignedly I strip leaves a way... countless interactions till I can just panda a bit Poetry prompts Twiglets #327 breathing space d'Verse poetics: Acting like animals! At d'Verse, we are encouraged to "verb"… Continue reading Shoots, or: Leaves

Acorns, or: Ice cream

A 'Badger's Hexastitch' poem acorns plant litter yields carbohydrates platter tantalizing bouquet autumnal eats ice cream Tanka Tuesday For Tanka Tuesday, Colleen encourages each of us to take this 'Spirit Animal Quiz' and then compose syllabic poems about our respective spirit animals. Apparently, my spirit animal is a deer, and acorns are known as the… Continue reading Acorns, or: Ice cream

Out with the old, or: A dog’s life

A sad limerick Ever since the day Baby was born, Ol' Doggy was left feeling forlorn; So, he packed his fave snacks; Slung pack over his back... Mourning, he left home to go it alone. What Do You See? #187 For WDYS #187, Sadje offers us this photo (Image: Grin @ Unsplash) of a French… Continue reading Out with the old, or: A dog’s life

Drawing the bear forward

In his panic, John tripped, watching helplessly as the tiny girl stood mumbling to the hale old grizzly before her. Dumbstruck, he registered the sound of his "cognitively impaired" daughter's voice. The doctors had said Wendy might never speak, but here she was, murmuring... drawing the bear forward. Indeed, the beast's massive head was drooping;… Continue reading Drawing the bear forward

Two wings, or: Diptera

A Sijo razor-sharp aerobatic spins with but two (rather than four) wings; air movements sensed by halteres; alert; steady; thus they steer; natural gyroscopes in flight set dipteran's head aright Sijo? A Korean verse form related to haiku and tanka and comprised of three lines of 14-16 syllables each, for a total of 44-46 syllables. Each line contains… Continue reading Two wings, or: Diptera

Innocents, or: Age of innocence

A Sijo lumpy gastropod blankets stretched across rain-beaten stones; foolish innocents upon pavement, grass too wet to travel; crushed shell fragments smeared in raw snail flesh shatter children's innocence. Sijo? A Korean verse form related to haiku and tanka and comprised of three lines of 14-16 syllables each, for a total of 44-46 syllables. Each line contains a pause… Continue reading Innocents, or: Age of innocence

Rock-ing, or: Bump-ing

A 'Waltz Wave' Photo credit:Dex Ezekiel (Unsplash) rock- ing back and forth my carrier case swings bump- ing up against my human's chest on the way to... to... oh! look! that dog's pulling her human down the side- walk What do you see? For Sadje's WDYS prompt, she offers us this photograph of a man… Continue reading Rock-ing, or: Bump-ing