Here, there, or: Everywhere

A Cleave poem In the form of two haiku chameleon eyes independently mobile with three-sixty arcs cast images upon the brain all-seeing these two chameleon eyes How to read a Cleave poem? Simply: Read the left hand poem as a first discrete poem. Read the right hand poem as a second discrete poem. Read the… Continue reading Here, there, or: Everywhere

Mouse, or: Mouse

A 'Blitz' poem man of few words man or mouse mouse potato mouse over over the moon over and above above reproach above and beyond beyond description beyond the word word of mouth word of mouse mouse about mouse in the wall wall-to-wall wall of silence silence is deafening silence is golden golden opportunity golden… Continue reading Mouse, or: Mouse

Humanity, or: Humility

A 'Roundabout' poem Big! Bang! Our universe was born. Something came before it- A universe That was no worse- Something came before it. Grind! Creak! The continents all split. Earth's species were dispersed- Giant sloths lopped; Balbarids hopped; Earth's species were dispersed. It fascinates that life's diverse; Though man came out on top... And by… Continue reading Humanity, or: Humility

A case of the collywobbles

Jackie was no expert on birds, but the tiny, timorous creature by the foot of the tree looked spare and pitiful; its palpable distress gave the child a case of the collywobbles. Tenderly, the schoolgirl leaned down and scooped the bird up in the palm of her hand and looked at it carefully. Perhaps it… Continue reading A case of the collywobbles

In the darkness, or: In the end

Poetry Partners #134 'The blue sky', a poem by Kunjal Gupta of 'Duo Diseminators' Inside a vessel so suffocating and cold. Looking at the blue sky, Birds glide their wings and fly to the foretold, Without a struggle or try. Looking at the blue sky, They retire to perch and rest Birds glide their wings… Continue reading In the darkness, or: In the end

An unusually chilly bluster

In spite of an unusually warm delay, autumn arrived with a chilly bluster, and Mrs. Pomeroy quickly moved her non-hardy citrus trees indoors, away from the dropping nighttime temperatures. However disappointed, Buttercup knew not to waste time bemoaning the absence of her beloved mandarins; she needed a viable energy source to get through winter. Minutes… Continue reading An unusually chilly bluster

Nature, or: Nurture

A 'Bryant' poem Wildebeest migration with trustworthy zebra friends, together; a most natural cooperation in the driest weather Zebras with keen eyesight- side-to-side in opposite directions; with wildebeest hearing and smell at night- this assures protection Two as one congregate; savannas increasingly grow hotter; as zebras stand their guards and navigate, wildebeest seek water Zebra… Continue reading Nature, or: Nurture

Humans, or: Sacks of meat

A 'Daisy Chain' poem Walking sacks of meat, Meat, tender and soft, Soft like eggs, I would think; Think about our many vulnerabilities, Vulnerabilities no other creatures share; Share your personal reflections and learning; Learning over generations sets humans apart; Apart from that, what traits are there? There are our thumbs, opposable and long, Long,… Continue reading Humans, or: Sacks of meat