Dock, or: Hickory dickory

A series of micropoems written in Michael “Mouse” Murdoch's new nonce poetic form: "The Mouse" I. day off (day) (off) =°= vacation time parents and children together__________ II. him her (him) (her) =°= different needs compromise is so essential__________ III. not now (not) (now) =°= demanding child __________constantly bored to distraction IV. the end (the)… Continue reading Dock, or: Hickory dickory

Watch the hair! or: Shetland pony

A limerick The shetland pony gave me quite the stare; Sheer irritation made his nostrils flair. "Well... fine! I'll give you a ride, Though your fat ass is too wide... But seriously, Buddy - watch the hair!" ‘What do you see’ Prompt #149 For Sadje’s weekly #WDYS prompt, she offered the photo below as inspiration… Continue reading Watch the hair! or: Shetland pony

Spam, or: Not kosher

My 1st Lüshi His comments are blog posts. I block them. Access denied! Also, I have received offers: Illuminati membership and Ukrainian brides. Seems commenters should exhibit some - Self-awareness, modicum of pride. I'll continue ignoring the rabbi, Although God knows he's tried. Lüshi  I won't rehash the rules for a lüshi, which you can… Continue reading Spam, or: Not kosher

What’s worse than Shabbat? Double Shabbat!

Warning: This is a kvetchy post Kvetch /kəˈveCH, kfeCH/ INFORMAL • NORTH AMERICAN noun: kvetch; plural noun: kvetches a person who complains a great deal"She emerges as something of a kvetch, constantly nagging Rick."a complaint"'They don't make 'em like they used to' has become an all-purpose kvetch." verb: kvetch; 3rd person present: kvetches; past tense: kvetched; past participle: kvetched; gerund or present participle: kvetching ORIGIN Middle High… Continue reading What’s worse than Shabbat? Double Shabbat!

Vertical puddle, or: Snow

My first rispetto T'wards snow in Jerusalem I feel cold, Slip-sloshing through this dirty wet hassle; I'd much prefer to stay locked in my hold, Where I'm king of my dry, humble castle Israelites tend to find snow exciting, But my fingers feel stiff while I'm writing. Such commotion would a Russian befuddle ~ What's… Continue reading Vertical puddle, or: Snow