A burst of defiance

Photo credit: Soap&Skin Sighing, Conley descended the exotic staircase to verify the prodigious piano instructor's frantic account. Lucille made her apathy towards the drudgery of her lessons known at every opportunity… and wasn't above climbing atop her instrument in a burst of defiance. This piece of flash fiction was written in response to: The Sunday… Continue reading A burst of defiance

You, or: Eye

A 'Waltz Wave' I see you; I watch you thoughtfully each day; I know your imprudent indifference towards me, your home; I was here before you; and I shall survive you ‘What do you see’ Prompt #169 The 'waltz wave' poem above was written for Sadje’s weekly #WDYS prompt. Sadje offers us this photo (to… Continue reading You, or: Eye

Dehumanization, or: Apathy

Poetry Partners #149 'Ear Rock', a poem by Jeff Lee of 'Growing Up Boomer' Mothers’ dreams fly away: a son lies limp, his fire cold, his flesh— six-years-old and hardly used—is ripped and frayed; a daughter, older—stars and bars on her fatigues—sees the flash, feels the killing heat but doesn’t hear the crushing sound. Metallica… Continue reading Dehumanization, or: Apathy

You, or: Me

Near year's end Only the most tenacious Victims of the biting drifts Endure at the neglected Margins of society Bearing [witness to] icy indifference Even as they huddle, shivering, Ravaged by rejection W3 poetry prompt This verse was written in response to Paula Light's W3 poetry prompt, which was to write an acrostic poem with… Continue reading You, or: Me

Indifferent, or: Identical

A '4-11' poem (form by Gwen Plano) all my days are indelibly indifferent although somehow each one is more identical than the prior so I suppose I'll record how monotonous all my days are 4-11? The 4-11 is a stanza of eleven lines, four syllables each line. The beginning line also repeats as the last… Continue reading Indifferent, or: Identical