August, or: Undignified

A limerick She never once thought to weigh or refuse.O, she so glowed when we traded I do's!Ours was ~ a sweet summer night ~~ blanketed in soft, silky moonlight ~Still, ever since then, it's that August she rues! d'Verse poetics prompt: Sometimes August isnโ€™t recognized At d'Verse, poets were encouraged to write poems about… Continue reading August, or: Undignified

Elul, or: August

A haibun The Hebrew calendar is lunar, rather than solar like the Gregorian calendar, which is used throughout most of the world. However, unlike the lunar Muslim calendar, the Hebrew calendar includes leap years, making Jewish holidays seasonal. Passover, for example, is always in the Spring; Chanukah is always in the Winter. The exact dates… Continue reading Elul, or: August