Form, or: Substance

An Awdl Gywydd What forms could ideas take, should they make friends with meter? Do they gain aught from rhyme schemes? Might love themes make them sweeter? P'raps stiff attempts at versing are but forcing strained meanings, while rhymers free verse treat cheap, which with deepest soul-words rings? Awdl Gywydd Syllabic: stanzas of four lines,… Continue reading Form, or: Substance

Sorrow, or: Tomorrow

My 2nd Awdl Gywydd Massaging words into verse ~ this blasted curse Life gave me; Prose oft feels... not... quite... enough to set this stuffed up mind free Sometimes, smooth stanzas don't flow to my deep woe and sorrow; But when rhymes thwart this tired quill, there still awaits tomorrow Dissatisfaction with the 1st I… Continue reading Sorrow, or: Tomorrow