Oy vey, or: Hoyden

A limerick I resolved to parent the child my girl is, But I often sigh, thinking: "Gee Whiz..." Cuz when her peers clear the street, And boys flee in retreat, I see the neighbors smirk, "Yep, that kid's his!" d'Verse poetics: Resolving to Resolve At d'Verse, poets were prompted to weave a piece of advice… Continue reading Oy vey, or: Hoyden

The more things change, or: Stay the same

Poetry Partners #98 'The Age of Elegance', a poem by Dawn Pisturino of 'My Writing Journey' Velvet, lace, satin, Silk, brocade; Long, billowy dresses With tight bodices Cut low and alluring. Fluttering fans And white hair piled high As a snow-capped mountain On heads delicately balanced On long, slender necks. Velvet, lace, satin, Silk, brocade;… Continue reading The more things change, or: Stay the same