Yes, I responded to ‘faith’ poetry

An exchange of 'faith' poems Despite writing nearly one year ago that I wouldn't respond to other poets' "faith" poems, I recently received a lovely God-oriented poem from Rayla Noel of 'Innerdialects'... and unexpectedly felt moved to respond to it. My first reaction was something like "oh boy, not another 'God poem'..." But then I… Continue reading Yes, I responded to ‘faith’ poetry

In twilight, or: Bewildered

Poetry Partners #146 'In twilight, Dawn?', a poem by Rayla of 'Innerdialects' Yeah 'm tired show me how to switch off the stars shut down a moon - slipping in my shutters; why d'you hunt me midnight Sun; who'm I to Your maddening pursuit of human aloneness: this morning I woke to You in the… Continue reading In twilight, or: Bewildered

To believe, or: Heaven leans on earth

A Cleave poem in the form of two Shadormas as I age rhythms shiftover endful days whetting my sensestransformed by a wisdomexisting beyond mein the perceived universe calling unrelentinglyI've come to believe heaven leans on earth How to read a cleave poem? Simply: Read the left hand poem as a first discrete poem.Read the right… Continue reading To believe, or: Heaven leans on earth

Receive, or: Deceive

Receive truth ~ But this to Believe in: all world religions are Deceiving. Still, mortals struggle to Conceive; as from lived suffering, no Reprieve; that by it, nothing great's Achieved ~ other than earthly wisdom. W3 poetry prompt This poem was written in response to murisopsisโ€™ W3 prompt ~ to write a poem of no less… Continue reading Receive, or: Deceive

No good response to ‘faith’ poetry

Poetry Partners Writing creatively online is lovely, an entirely different experience than writing privately for one's self. There is, of course, the encouraging and helpful feedback we receive from fellow writers online, as well as the inspiration and exposure to new concepts we derive from reading their works. These are priceless. Beyond these benefits, I… Continue reading No good response to ‘faith’ poetry

Holier, or: Fragile

Your little face Might just be proof for me of God's good grace You utterly bewitch me Your fancies so enrich me I want to be Your Abba'chka... How can I assure you That there's a God Though I s'pose you do not need it You naturally believe it... Holier than me My Dear Baby… Continue reading Holier, or: Fragile