Ethical will: Education

Internal obstacles to writing this entry I've been thinking of writing an ethical will entry on education for some time now, but it's been challenging for me to begin. For me, there are three obstacles: The strong personal association I draw between Judaism and placing a high value on education, which I worry may come… Continue reading Ethical will: Education

Sea, or: Sky

Today marks the Jewish holiday of Purim, one major theme of which is the Hebrew phrase 'nahafokh hu' (ื ึทื”ึฒืคื•ึนืšึฐ ื”ื•ึผื), which, loosely translated, means 'it was turned to the contrary'. This comes to us from a particular verse in the Book of Esther (9:1): ื•ึผื‘ึดืฉืึฐื ึตื™ื ืขึธืฉื‚ึธืจ ื—ึนื“ึถืฉื ื”ื•ึผื-ื—ึนื“ึถืฉื ืึฒื“ึธืจ, ื‘ึผึดืฉืึฐืœื•ึนืฉืึธื” ืขึธืฉื‚ึธืจ ื™ื•ึนื ื‘ึผื•ึน, ืึฒืฉืึถืจ ื”ึดื’ึผึดื™ืขึท… Continue reading Sea, or: Sky