She smiled tenderly

"Honey, you could use some witchcraft, and I could use a light," she twittered flippantly. On cue, an enormous crow landed on her forearm and lit her cigarette. "Fancy one?" she asked, staring the shaken youngster directly in the eyes. Quaking, the teenager backed up towards the door. "Oh… n-n-no th-thank you, Ma'am!" Suddenly, impossibly,… Continue reading She smiled tenderly

Crow, Raven, or: Rook

A limerick In far too many mammalian minds, Crows and Ravens are closely intertwined. This timeworn argument is just what Rooks so resent, for it leaves their proud line undermined. Eugi’s Weekly Prompt Eugi has provided the word "intertwined" as a writing prompt today. d'Verse poetics prompt: Corvid Poetry At d'Verse, poets have been prompted… Continue reading Crow, Raven, or: Rook

Molten, or: Ablaze

A Garland Cinquain ablaze gaseous fireball millions of degrees gigantic nuclear furnace brings life chirp, chirp streaks of feathers soar and catch the sunlight along with insects for their young alight lemons ripe, luscious fruit vivid citrine gems sway fleshy, mature, rich, flavorsome heavy tree hole busy beehive hexagonal pattern molten syrupy honey drips teeming… Continue reading Molten, or: Ablaze

Cloudless skies, or: Verdant meadows

A haibun Spring is well under way in Israel and with it, many changes. Spring bird migration is in full swing this April; and the first week of May is expected to be see huge soaring bird migration over Southern Israel. Meanwhile, I am singing as I spread my wings to fly. For the first… Continue reading Cloudless skies, or: Verdant meadows

Midwest, or: Middle East

A haibun On a stroll with my Mama near my childhood home in Iowa City, I abruptly stopped short as some guano landed on the sidewalk directly in front of me. I was in first grade at the time, but the memory remains stuck with me. In my mid-thirties, here in Jerusalem, a friend brought… Continue reading Midwest, or: Middle East

Oz, or: Path beneath

Poetry Partners #53 'Oz', a poem by royalpalmtree of 'Sharing the light of God's Word' Blue birds can fly over the rainbow, So what's stopping you From taking that same flight And achieving your dreams? royalpalmtree: A magnetic naani by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’ Songshine rains through thick blanket on verdant forest… Continue reading Oz, or: Path beneath

Infinitesimal pipe, or: Night song of the breeze

Poetry Partners #21 'bird & bat', a poem by Shay Simmons of 'Shay's Word Garden' bird and bat both claimed the sky and each to that element kept-- except one by day and the other by night, in nest or cave where they slept. bird had no fur, and so to keep warm began to… Continue reading Infinitesimal pipe, or: Night song of the breeze

Heaven’s droppings, or: First impressions

Blank verse in iambic pentameter My favorites are the free birds that - well, you know... You know? Whereas I'm all like, 'How do I stick a whatsit into the round binkadink, wrapped in floojipples? Maybe a shibboing would do it?' I'm amazed that some of those splendid creatures don't get much attention, or sometimes… Continue reading Heaven’s droppings, or: First impressions