Fateful, or: Not this

An Arkquain Swirl our fateful first meeting rewrote our lives circumstances were such that I was privileged; the first of your parents to meet you in person; my distraction was due to concern for Mama's well-being after your birth; so, that privilege was totally lost on me~ I was wondering whether we were two or… Continue reading Fateful, or: Not this

Born naked, or: Affectionate kiss

A quadrille In the form of a Double Nonet poem born naked; heart beating; anxie- ty; wailing loudly, absent salt- y tears despite harsh, harrow- ing experience; for- eign, chilly air flow- ing into ti- ny lungs; glar- ing lu- mi- nes- cence that pierces thin eyelids, tightly shut; cacophony reverberating on small eardrums; lying… Continue reading Born naked, or: Affectionate kiss