Jehangir, or: Sangeetha

Blank Verse Handwriting so neat it could have been typed; envelope worn from international journey through the clouds; J. R. D. Tata, the first licensed pilot in India, features on six stamps in the upper left corner, but he's upside-down; I wonder if his flight was turbulent, or whether he rolled, pitched, and yawed for… Continue reading Jehangir, or: Sangeetha

Clap on, or: Clap off

Blank verse in iambic pentameter My sky is dark with black stars; together, congealing into thick syrup, even as I spread my arms; distributed as sick party favors, mementos of... need; perhaps, perhaps, preferable to my own; their deafening silence clotting my ears, coursing through twisted creases, pooling in my eyes, heavy, streaming down my… Continue reading Clap on, or: Clap off

Breakup, or: Breakdown

One year older and one hundred years more experienced than he, she broke up with her then-boyfriend who was in his mid-twenties; and he thought: "Well, I'll give her one good try," as Harry Chapin once famously sang; she patronized him for months, for he was one year younger and one hundred years less experienced… Continue reading Breakup, or: Breakdown

Heaven’s droppings, or: First impressions

Blank verse My favorites are the free birds that - well, you know... You know? Whereas I'm all like, 'How do I stick a whatsit into the round binkadink, wrapped in floojipples? Maybe a shibboing would do it?' I'm amazed that some of those splendid creatures don't get much attention, or sometimes are dismissed as… Continue reading Heaven’s droppings, or: First impressions

Physical ego, or: Immaterial id

Poetry Partners #144 'Physical Ego', a poem by Alex Budris of 'Lost Continent Books' webs of spittle & a thousand multi-eyed flies like words - maggoty somersault struggles caught choking out the gasping spidernest hole of yr mouth consonants and vowels a black mass backache toothache bad bowels & black- -hearted atheism tooth over tongue… Continue reading Physical ego, or: Immaterial id

Wax on, or: Wax off

Blank verse in iambic pentameter Laziness; can't blame it on craziness - that's much too sexy, and I've yet to cut even one ear off. This constant stare-off with my own reflection on poetry websites; impressions in fast succession, forming ideas, framing works, foraging for scraps of ambrosia and digging down for diggities. Oh ~… Continue reading Wax on, or: Wax off

Cold, or: Hot

Bottles never used to last me too long; now cognacs and whiskeys stand around bored for many long months on our kitchen shelf. Sure, I pour a glass every so often (rarely, truth be told); but excitement's gone. Is it my writing, my medication, my age? Hard to say, but that beer I had yesterday… Continue reading Cold, or: Hot

The forest, or: The trees

Poetry Partners #142 'From my inner child', a poem by Maria Pavlova of 'Maria's Poetry' While many โ€˜Stand with Ukraineโ€™ Or hate the Russian invaders My heart is in beautiful northern forests The place where my childโ€™s feet stepped Feeling connection to the Earth Knowing even then that I am an inseparable part of the… Continue reading The forest, or: The trees