REBLOG: โ€˜One Cupโ€™ by Karima Hoisan

Poem: For My Family in Jordan Harsh lands bring soft embraces, Here we all drink from one cup. Before we put our share to our mouths, We make sure there is enough. Oven winds bake a glaze on my face, While dry eyes squint to the sky. Two leathered hands sift Martian sands, I canโ€™t… Continue reading REBLOG: โ€˜One Cupโ€™ by Karima Hoisan

REBLOG: ‘Rooted in Love’ by Cindy Georgakas

Poem: Rooted in love, Grounded in substance, of the matrix of our heart that maps us from country to country, continent to continent, home to home, cell to cell. When we sift through the hatred, greed, immaterial and political divide that should be banned, colors collide. Wonโ€™t you stand with me and ban all racism,… Continue reading REBLOG: ‘Rooted in Love’ by Cindy Georgakas

Home, or: Comfort food

A Kwansaba 'Ah-khi (my brother),' says the falafel vendor in Israel, 'hakol b'seder (all is okay).' I'm adamant. Again, I stick the card into the slot at the reader's bottom, but it still doesn't work. I'm ashamed. 'Ah-khi,' he repeats, 'You can pay another time.' What is a falafel between brothers? Kwansaba? The primary defining… Continue reading Home, or: Comfort food