Connotations, or: Perhaps…

d'Verse 'Open Link Night' I am sharing the poem below for today's d'Verse OLN. I wrote this in April 2021, approximately one year after I started writing poetry here at WordPress (after decades of not writing poetry). This was my first attempt at a 'sestina'; and I still recall how much I enjoyed playing with… Continue reading Connotations, or: Perhaps…

Exhausted, or: Electrified

Elfchen poem #1 brain feels exhausted pulses heavily within dissolves into viscous paste glob Elfchen poem #2 brain feels electrified sparks across synapses explodes with original verses blog W3 weekly poetry prompt For this week's W3 poetry prompt, Sadje encourages us to: Write an 'elfchen' poem; Extra challenge: write a second elfchen poem, which opposes… Continue reading Exhausted, or: Electrified

In defense of the ‘like’ button

I recently received some very rude comments on my blog from somebody whose blog post I'd clicked on, simply because I'd clicked on their 'like' button. I'd never had any previous interaction with this individual; and this experience brought on the following reflection. First of all, what was their criticism? Let's get into that to… Continue reading In defense of the ‘like’ button

To pique someone’s interest

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate. -Margaret Heffernan (b. 1955) This week, for Marsha Ingrao's Wednesday Quotes prompt, she asks what we do to pique the potential reader's interest in our blogs. Marsha mentions that some bloggers spend time redesigning their blogs' appearances to draw attention, and I… Continue reading To pique someone’s interest

6,000 – Thank You!

A nice, round number I'm happy to share with you that The Skeptic's Kaddish has reached 6,000 followers! And- I certainly wouldn't have gotten here if it hadn't been for all of the wonderful friends I've made around the world in these last 2½ years; my many poetry partners; and those of you who participate… Continue reading 6,000 – Thank You!

Our WordPress friend just had a stroke

Steven S. Wallace had a stroke Steven S. Wallace (a pseudonym) is a lovely person many of us have had the pleasure of meeting here in the blogosphere. He has been one of our regular W3 poetry prompt participants and has served as host for W3 on several ocassions, including last week. Last night, I… Continue reading Our WordPress friend just had a stroke

How much posting is too much?

In my experience I'm going to posit a couple of points about increasing a blog's readership numbers: It is important to blog consistently. In other words, if you want to increase your readership, you should regularly be producing content. The less subscribers one has, the less one should focus on creating blog content. In other… Continue reading How much posting is too much?

5,000 – Thank You!

Two years of blogging Friends, I have been blogging here on WordPress for just shy of two years now, and I've learned a great deal along the way, much of which I've tried to share with my readers. As I was getting my feet wet in the waters of the blogosphere, I came across bloggers… Continue reading 5,000 – Thank You!