Tips for bloggers #6: Community etiquette vs. The Skeptic's Kaddish blog was created with and is hosted on, rather than, and there is, indeed, a significant difference. The major advantage of, you see, is the community aspect. Bloggers may easily search for, find, 'like', and otherwise interact with one another's blogs in the WordPress Reader.,… Continue reading Tips for bloggers #6: Community etiquette

Tips for bloggers #5: Leverage your identity

Some of my best friends are anonymous But that doesn't increase their subscriber counts Not so long ago, from an entirely personal perspective, I was reflecting upon the modern-day strangeness of having some dear blogger-friends who remain entirely anonymous to me. The question of whether or not to reveal (or, for that matter, to what extent… Continue reading Tips for bloggers #5: Leverage your identity


I cannot just write for myself It's a conundrum. I love to write, but, somehow, I consistently seem to lack the motivation to write exclusively for myself. My Mama (and Papa too - when he was alive) is an incredibly private person. As a girl, she kept a diary for herself, but she would never,… Continue reading Omphaloskepsis

Tips for bloggers #4: Categories and tags

Should you use categories and tags on your blog? Yes! Categories and tags are relevant to all bloggers - even those who are not concerned with gaining subscribers. I have been writing this series of blogging tips with an eye towards increasing one's visibility and appeal to others; but maintaining a taxonomy of blog topics… Continue reading Tips for bloggers #4: Categories and tags

Tips for bloggers #3: Timing your blog posts

Whom are you blogging for? Friends, perhaps more than any other blogging tip I have to offer, this particular piece of advice is only relevant to those of us who are blogging with an eye to increasing our subscriberships. In other words, if you are primarily blogging for yourself, rather than for potential readers to… Continue reading Tips for bloggers #3: Timing your blog posts

Tips for bloggers #2: The aesthetics

Marketing is queen Content is king, but marketing is queen, and runs the household.-Gary Vaynerchuk (b. 1975) Friends, It is true, as Bill Gates posited in 1996, that "Content is King," but your content is specific to you and to your blog; and I don't feel comfortable advising you on something so personal. You must… Continue reading Tips for bloggers #2: The aesthetics

Not for sale(?) ~ Not for sale In 1996, Papa launched his pioneering mathematics website, and, from the very beginning, he refused to put any advertisements on it that he did not explicitly approve of. He also refused to sell his massive site and cede control of its direction, even though he received lucrative offers to do… Continue reading Not for sale(?)

Tips for bloggers #1: Your profile – linking to your blog

Getting over the hump This post is a departure from my regular content, and it's only intended for WordPress bloggers who are 1) new to the blogging game, and 2) would like to increase their subscriber counts. For most of us, the majority of our readers are WordPress bloggers. That is why I would like… Continue reading Tips for bloggers #1: Your profile – linking to your blog