Book review: ‘Re-Create and Celebrate’ by Cindy Georgakas

I'll put my cards out on the table. Firstly, I consider Cindy Georgakas to be a dear friend, which is why I read her book, as I've never been inclined to read 'self help' literature. Secondly, I have never before written a book review. My initial commitment to write a review of Cindy's maiden book… Continue reading Book review: ‘Re-Create and Celebrate’ by Cindy Georgakas

Bibliophile, or: Dipsomaniac

A limerick Though Grampa Joe was quite ruddy and jolly, His maid Molly touched his books at her folly. When she dared peek within, She discovered his sin; And when out fell his gin, she yelped, "Golly!" Image credit: Svetlana Gumerova (Unsplash) What do you see #180 For this week's WDYS prompt, Sadje offers us… Continue reading Bibliophile, or: Dipsomaniac

A parenting highlight: The Chronicles of Prydain

Background I don't read fiction as often as I once did, but in my childhood I often could be found reading during recess, seated on the asphalt by the school playground, or- in class with a book hidden behind my desk. Now, many years later, as the father of an eight-years-old daughter, I've been thinking… Continue reading A parenting highlight: The Chronicles of Prydain

Unsealed by candlelight

Professor Roonwardl was kind and boyishly handsome but much too loquacious for his own good, smirked Elspeth to herself. Having gotten the answer she'd wanted, the young wizard separated herself from the flock of girls surrounding their new instructor and hurried toward the library. According to Roonwardl's description, the Book of Two was, as she'd… Continue reading Unsealed by candlelight

Thought, or: Naught

Poetry Partners #162 'Books', a poem by Neha Singh of ‘Enigma’ Glancing through the pages of books mesmerized by the artless charm getting lost in some reverie, we escape from our unnerving moods prancing into an unforeseen journey fantasizing about the impossible. Enigma: A Tanaga by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’ For too… Continue reading Thought, or: Naught

Lest I plummet

First attempt The bibliophile's prayer: Dear Books, I confess my adoration for you! Please deliver me from life's mundanities into those magical heavens of limitless, ideal fantasies above. Help me maintain my tenuous balance, lest I plummet to reality. Thanks,David Mea culpa! When I first wrote this piece, I misread one of the prompts! I… Continue reading Lest I plummet

Flavors, or: Fingertips

EPIGRAPH: Alex-A few moments ofreading pleasure in returnfor an evening of sensualdelights. Dennis October Bacchanalia1994 -A book inscription on 'The Physiology of Taste' A Sedōka flavors of moonlight our last candlelit evening drips of hot glistening wax fingertips quiver tracing the curves of your quill pulsing flush spreads over me Sedōka? Composed of two sets of 5-7-7… Continue reading Flavors, or: Fingertips

Like mother, or: Like son

An American sentence: Looking up from her work, she thrilled at her son reading her childhood books. What's an 'American Sentence'? Allen Ginsberg, inventor of the American Sentence, felt that the haiku didn’t work as well in English. Ginsberg decided to remove the line structure of the haiku, maintaining the requirement of 17 syllables total.… Continue reading Like mother, or: Like son