The recent rise in coronavirus cases across Israel

The requirement to wear a mask indoors will be restored next week, as Thursday marked the fourth day in a row that the country registered over 100 new daily cases and the new outbreaks spread to several more municipalities...-Rossella Tercatin, The Jerusalem Post The centers of the new outbreak have been several schools... As of… Continue reading The recent rise in coronavirus cases across Israel

Indoors, or: Sunshine

A haibun In Israel, as of last week, the mask requirement has been lifted, even indoors. Israelis are now entirely free to walk around in malls and supermarkets. And, of course, my little sunshine was thrilled to return to her beloved Gymboree at the mall next to her kindergarten. She's always been much more active… Continue reading Indoors, or: Sunshine

Hold your horses, or: Zigzag

Epistrophe + Anaphora = Symploce  Hold your child's hand when you walk together Upon crossing the street, keep together Upon crossing paths with old folks make way Teach her it's considerate to make way Teach her to remember your phone numbers Should she get lost she'll know your phone numbers Should she let go of you she… Continue reading Hold your horses, or: Zigzag

Grandparents & grandchildren

The reason grandchildren and grandparents get along so well is that they have a common enemy.— Sam Levenson (1911 – 1980) I'm sharing this quote in honor of my Mama's visiting us right now from the USA. Today, our daughter chose to stay at home with her grandmother, rather than go out for ice cream.… Continue reading Grandparents & grandchildren