Stones, or: Sticks

An 'atom poem' small pompous bully fears own dark doubt never sees his folks feels ignored hated ruled by sharp anger just a wounded child cries when he's alone Atom poetic form? At least one tercet (three line stanza); Letters per line: 5-7-5; No punctuation; no capitalization (like haiku). Moonwashed weekly prompt Pompous W3 poetry prompt This week's W3 poetry prompt was… Continue reading Stones, or: Sticks

Modern body image issues for young girls

A high school memory of mine I was in high school (eleventh grade, I think) when I first heard a female classmate of mine tell a friend of hers that she had recently shaved her forearms. I was shocked. "Why would you bother doing that?" I asked her. Previous to that incident I'd been aware… Continue reading Modern body image issues for young girls