Red light, green light, or: One, two, three!

I. A senryลซ series 1. Sweetheart, be careful! The curb's much too dangerous; you could slip and fall. 2. Traffic's slowing down; the light's going to change soon; ready to run, Dear? 3. Okay! Take my hand; let's cross before we miss it... Shoot! Our bus went by! II. A senryลซ Are you sure, Mister… Continue reading Red light, green light, or: One, two, three!

Driven, or: Relaxed

Poetry Partners #120 'People Watcher', a poem by Swathi Rao of 'The Pickle Store' I sit by the window of the bus looking at the world outside, It is a hot summer day and the seat next to me is empty, I find myself staring at the little children when the bus stops, โ€˜How lovely… Continue reading Driven, or: Relaxed

Push, or: Shove

A Cadralor In the form of 5 Kimos sweat beading up on my forehead; glasses slipping; cotton undershirt drenched through, sticking tightly flat feet shifting just slightly, shin muscles shooting sharply, absorbing jarring jolts, careening heavy laptop and accompanying charger, mouse, keyboard in my backpack, bumping others air conditioning is requested by an old lady;… Continue reading Push, or: Shove