Beeeep! or: After the tone

A kyrielle It's not that I'm being a jerk when I fail to answer the phone. Please, as I'm quite busy at work... Leave your message after the tone. Those crazy rumors of my death - They're all entirely overblown! So, for now, while I yet draw breath, leave your message after the tone. If… Continue reading Beeeep! or: After the tone

Daze, or: Days

My 1st double etheree sun- rise licks at the hor- izon // marking the birth of the day // time to wake; get everyone ready; bus stop; school; part; work // fi-nal-ly-my-cof-fee-//-oh-that's... nice // sit.ting and plug.ging a.way at my key.board, as my trick.le in // message from mywife // don'tforgettheeggs goatcheesefishwaterfruitsyogurtmilkbread // yes,… Continue reading Daze, or: Days