Musketeers, or: Rapier

A Cadralor In the form of 5 Kimos firm, familiar keys clacking images stinging sweat drips from the brow inner eye unblinking giving in to riffing rhythm therein thrilling in little ripples rivulets revealing sound suffuses syllables so smoothly euphony feels soft and sure cacophony quite crisp words rife with densely packaged symbolism hissing out… Continue reading Musketeers, or: Rapier

Predator, or: Prey

A Cadralor In the form of 5 Kimos dropping suddenly from thirty meters having spied ruffed grouse aloft my eyasses hunger leaves dry, berries gone, driven by hunger settling for thin garter snake launching down upon it familiar musky scent in the breeze wood mouse foraging for seeds I slither, jaw unhinged samaras scattered at… Continue reading Predator, or: Prey

Beings, or: Doings

My 2nd Cadralor In the form of 5 Kimos the friction creates heat; sulfur ignites; wicks darken, bursting aflame; ancient words recited song fills the sanctuary, welcoming a bride, eternal, gifted to the generations feet filing out onto the street amidst friendly banter, dispersing; cars remain parked outside arousing aromas wafting; lentil soup, turmeric rice,… Continue reading Beings, or: Doings

Balagan, or: *Sigh*

My 1st Cadralor In the form of 5 Kimos countless Russian and English children's books; last week's newspaper; a child's fairy robe on the couch nearly to the ceiling, six shelves, volumes of Jewish texts; mementos; tchotchkes; toys; games; clutter including chairs, one-third of the room for the wooden table, strewn with laptop; wires; watch;… Continue reading Balagan, or: *Sigh*