Breathe deeply, or: Better self

A 'Waltz Wave' in moments of upset, I remind myself to reach up with my mind's hand for the bright halo ~ my better self; and breathe steadily as I stretch up to it What do you see #179 For WDYS #179, Sadje offers us this computer-generated image by Axel Ruffini (Unsplash) of a multicolored… Continue reading Breathe deeply, or: Better self

Music, or: Magic

A Choka white wire untangled jack pops into computer earbuds muffle sounds eyes scan music videos fingers scroll scroll click boom thump twang boom boom thump twang lalalalala external voices silenced nanananana internal voices silenced lalalalala disquiet bucks contentment dadadadada still- thoughts sharpen and converge po-po-po-po-poetry Choka? The most intricate Japanese Poetry form is the… Continue reading Music, or: Magic

Word of the year: Creativity

Anxiety is the hand maiden of creativity. -T. S. Eliot (1888 โ€“ 1965) I have been writing poetry with my friend Sangeetha (of Mindfills) for nearly two years now, and we've completed three series of poems together: Ripples ~ a hyakuin (a 100 verse renga) Form verses creativity ~ one poetic form for every letter… Continue reading Word of the year: Creativity

Chamomile? or: Lavender?

A nonet Anxiety is merely four syl~ lables: 'anx', an abbrevia~ tion for 'thanks' (for what, exact~ ly?) for one's all-consum~ ing I? e(eeeeeee), panic ringing 'tween one's ears; t(ea)? Yes! Chamo~ mile. Nonet? A nonet has nine lines. The first line has nine syllables, the second line eight syllables, the third line seven syllables,… Continue reading Chamomile? or: Lavender?

Baryonic, or: Dark matter

My 2nd Garland Cinquain I'd float past the Kรกrmรกn line, into outer space past the Milky Way's dark matter unseen vacuum without friction leaves stars and planets free to travel along their orbits fluid plasma low density between vast galaxies of hydrogen and helium glacial up there observing the visible universe through foam of spongy… Continue reading Baryonic, or: Dark matter

The hunt, or: The soul sea

Poetry Partners #12 A poem by Selma Martin of 'Selma' A worthy cause, start the hunt for a calm place to inhabit merits more than trends to uphold untethered from modish habits But who, pray tell, marooned us here like beached whales needing assistance? How to find the point of return; woke to the sacred… Continue reading The hunt, or: The soul sea