Fraying kerchief, or: Nuclear power stations

A Cento-style poem Fraying kerchief, caked brown with faded woes Cap left lying on my desk When she zips her jacket Engages us all with love Strings shyly swish-swish Mine to enjoy finally There at the bus stop Nuclear power stations Rooted but eager To flavor our lives Your end is a story like the… Continue reading Fraying kerchief, or: Nuclear power stations

Infinitesimal pipe, or: Night song of the breeze

Poetry Partners #21 'bird & bat', a poem by Shay Simmons of 'Shay's Word Garden' bird and bat both claimed the sky and each to that element kept-- except one by day and the other by night, in nest or cave where they slept. bird had no fur, and so to keep warm began to… Continue reading Infinitesimal pipe, or: Night song of the breeze