Warm love, or: Glowing memories

A Cleave poem in the form of two Shadormas Chanukah festivalwith bright atmosphere permeating through ~filling our Jewish homes;children’s hearts; familieshas left glowing memories held together by warm lovelasting forever across gen’rations How to read a cleave poem? Simply: Read the left hand poem as a first discrete poem.Read the right hand poem as a… Continue reading Warm love, or: Glowing memories

Sufganiyot, or: Donuts

Some years, my early December birthday overlaps with Chanukah (don't worry about the English spelling - there's no right or wrong); and this is just such a year. My daughter immediately makes the connection, as soon as I mention the fact. "Abba'chka, can we have sufganiyot to celebrate your birthday this year? Hooray, hooray, hooray,… Continue reading Sufganiyot, or: Donuts

Sight, or: Sound

‘Beginning at the End’ – a d’Verse poetics prompt Epigraph: As if we could hear music inside the words.- Gail Newman The intervals between our letters are dependably constant. Our friendship forged for the ages. Our affection warm and lasting. Our love spanning vast oceans and generations. I write to you about the New York… Continue reading Sight, or: Sound

Holiday thoughts: Jewish v. Not

Chanukah ended, and though I haven't written a word about it yet, I have been mulling something over quite a bit. Traditionally, there's a song that Jews sing after reciting the blessings and lighting the candles of the chanukiah 🕎. This song is called Ma'oz Tzur ("Strong Rock"), and there exists a popular, non-literal English… Continue reading Holiday thoughts: Jewish v. Not