Chemotherapy, or: Blood transfusion

An American sentence: My aunt's white blood cell count is much too low for her to receive chemo. What's an 'American Sentence'? Allen Ginsberg, inventor of the American Sentence, felt that the haiku didnโ€™t work as well in English. Ginsberg decided to remove the line structure of the haiku, maintaining the requirement of 17 syllables… Continue reading Chemotherapy, or: Blood transfusion

How much suffering would I endure?

... my younger brother sensed that our father was not long for this world. He noted my fatherโ€™s health problems... and the sadness in my fatherโ€™s eyes. He noted my fatherโ€™s fatalistic daily behaviors and approach to life...-Me, 'The Skeptic's Kaddish' #6, Sept. 14, 2018 I wrote the above in one of my earliest posts… Continue reading How much suffering would I endure?