Poisonous treacle, or: Host

Poetry Partners #166 'Host for the Lancet Fluke', a poem by Gareth David Ogilvie of 'The Zen Poetic' Narcissistic parasite That feeds the masses ignorant delight A hidden force that holds the sceptre A distant ghost that steals your nectar Feeding you lies to hold you prisoner Making you vote for your wounded blister Giving… Continue reading Poisonous treacle, or: Host

Poet moon, or: A soul softly

Poetry Partners #125 'Poet moon', a poem by Rob Kistner of 'Image & Verse' Ride the moon light the poet’s lamp explore the secret realm of rhyme ride the moon to seek the magic that glistens there like stardust in the folds of time Image & Verse: https://www.image-verse.com/ A Cherita by ben Alexander of ‘The… Continue reading Poet moon, or: A soul softly

Cognition, or: Deep diving

Poetry Partners #3 'Cognition', a cherita by Jennifer Patino of 'Thistle Thoughts' gaze into my reflecting pool keep prodding & fishing to latch onto my meaning try to catch confessions deep under my surface in your analytical net Jennifer Patino: https://thistlethoughts.com/ A reverse cherita by ben Alexander of ‘The Skeptic’s Kaddish’ In the form of… Continue reading Cognition, or: Deep diving